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How Github Works? Microsoft Bought Github for $7.5 Billion

How GitHub works, the largest developer platform in the world that Microsoft bought for US $ 7.5 billion. The largest developer platform in world GitHub is used by more than 28 million developers worldwide.

Microsoft has just announced one of the most expensive transactions in its history: it has bought GitHub, the most used open source platform in the world, for US $ 7,500 million.
The company, based in San Francisco, United States, offers a system for developers and programmers to share codes through the internet. And it is used by employees of large companies around the world, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft itself.
In a statement, Microsoft's chief executive, Sayta Nadella , announced that this acquisition "will give developers more power" and reinforces the "commitment" of their company "with freedom, openness and innovation for developers," who will follow operating independently.
GitHub is currently used by more than 28 million developers representing more than one and a half million organizations in a variety of industries.

A "powerful" combination
One of the main beneficiaries of the purchase of GitHub by Microsoft is the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz .
He obtained a US $ 100 million stake in the business six years ago (it was his largest individual investment at that time).
"Where others saw 'an overpayment,' we saw a unique company in its decade, " company partner Peter Levine wrote on his blog.
"Modern programming is about assembling codes and writing them, and codes tend to be in one place where it's easier to access them, and that place was, is and will continue to be GitHub."
"The combination of Microsoft and GitHub is powerful because I know that Satya and her team understand this incredible opportunity."

Microsoft added that the current director of GitHub, Chris Wanstrath, will work in another department of his corporation to create strategic initiatives for software development.
The basic GitHub service is free, but the monthly subscription, which costs up to US $ 21 per month, includes additional services, such as 24-hour support or the possibility of providing different levels of access to members of the organization.
The system is based on collaboration between users : it allows creating two different versions of the same project and then these can be integrated into the main project.
The platform has become a reference not only among programmers and software developers, but also among users who want to create different versions of songs, recipes, typographies, collaborative guides and even write books.

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