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The Best Blogging Way to Make Money at Home

If you keep researching information on how to make money from blogging and so far have not found an answer to that need, then this article is for you. If you are starting now, it might be interesting to first learn how to create a successful blog , how to generate organic traffic to your blog and also learn about making money on the internet . All of these articles are a very interesting addition to what you are about to learn in this article.

Whether you're just starting out or looking for ways to maximize your earnings, there's always a need to know more about how to make money. The main purpose of a blog, in the vast majority of cases, is to generate revenue. Obviously, you can create a blog with the goal of just sharing your knowledge or improving your Personal Branding. But in many other cases, the goal is clearly to make money and have an interesting revenue stream for your digital strategy on your blog.

The Right SEO:
There are several mistakes very common to all those who wish to make money from blogs, ranging from not understanding the importance of SEO in their strategy, not understanding how to generate organic traffic, not understanding how to establish a strong link with your audience, not understand that there are other ways to make money beyond Google ads until you understand that there are niches difficult to monetize among many other cases. In fact, a blog is a very important tool for generating authority and credibility. If you are, in fact, very good in your niche, the possibilities to monetize this knowledge are many!

Understanding the process of making money with blogs
Before we begin to address the technical aspects of blog monetization, we need to understand how all of this works, and especially how all those pieces connect to each other. To make money from a blog, you need to first understand the process, the tools, and especially the goal. Not all blogs are monetized in the same way or the same way. It all depends on the goal.

A blog can be categorized in a number of ways, depending on the goals you intend to achieve with it, which is why not all blogs are aimed at direct monetization. Understanding the importance of defining this goal is key for you to define which path to pursue and which strategy to set in motion to achieve that goal.

To better understand what these goals are and what each one represents, let's look at the different possibilities and approaches to a blog and what each one means when it comes to making money from blogs.

Objective: Organic traffic
This is probably the most common type of blog and goal on the internet. Especially among beginners, creating a blog with the goal of generating high organic traffic is fairly common. However, being able to create a blog with high organic traffic is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Nowadays, the competition is big and the fight for the top positions of Google is quite fierce, which requires a very broad demand for content and SEO knowledge. This type of blog is usually monetized with Google ads and / or affiliate program .

Niche Selection
This is a kind of goal I particularly like. I find it much more interesting to create a strategy to dominate a specific niche market than to create a blog with the goal of generating high organic traffic. In this particular case, your goal is to dominate a much smaller niche, with lower search volume, but where you can make lots of money by being well positioned. The demand in terms of content is much lower as well, but knowledge in SEO remains fundamental to generate a good result. This type of blog is usually monetized with affiliate programs.

Not all blogs that are created on the internet have as main objective to generate a lot of traffic or to focus on a very specific niche. Sometimes the only goal in blogging is to monetize it completely directly, through ads, affiliate programs and other forms of monetization. This type of project can be a niche blog or not, with the difference that it is created from monetization solutions available in the market. Imagine that there is an affiliate program with a very high commission, aimed at architecture, for example. The goal is to create a blog focused on this theme to be monetized using this affiliate program. Almost all bloggers are monetizing their blog with google adsense and other ad networks that pays them very well and they easily make $100 a day online 2018 through adsense and affiliate networks. You must also use monetization method to make profits.

The big difference here is that the blog is born from the means of monetization, not the other way around. It is very common on the internet for people to create blogs and only realize later that there are no real ways to monetize them effectively. In this strategy this does not happen. The choice starts precisely in the middle of monetization, which then gives rise to a blog or a content site with the objective of being monetized directly.

Here are some other ways to make money blogging

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)
  3. CPA - Lead Generation
  4. CPC - Cost per click
  5. Sale of advertising banners
  6. Text Links
  7. Sponsored listings
  8. Freelance Services
  9. Coaching / mentoring services
  10. Training services
  11. Consulting services
  12. Products
  13. Digital Products
  14. Online courses
  15. Ebooks
  16. Webinars
  17. Premium Content

One of the main rules about making money from blogging is diversity. The famous phrase "Do not put all the eggs in the same basket" is crucial when we are talking about traffic monetization. Diversifying the sources of your blog's income is a great way to spread the risk, but mainly to more effectively monetize all the traffic your blog receives.

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