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Tips on how to create a blog from scratch

There is a simple step-by-step, how to create a blog.

It may be that you have ease in some steps and difficulties in others. But you need to follow them to make your blog successful.

Here are the steps and tips for making a blog:

1- Choose the domain

The domain will be the name that will identify your site and will be the primary search engine on Google. To be in the default template (.com or .com.br) is necessary to make the purchase of the domain. But before that start to think of a name and imagine how it would look like a link, for example:

When creating a domain and not having a headache then you need to keep in mind some rules. They are essential if your site is easy to find and can be successful:

  • It needs to be easy to understand;
  • Create a combination of words that makes sense;
  • Remember that the word or phrase must have something to do with your business;
  • Do not do anything long, the likelihood of people getting lost is high.
  • Once you choose the domain, you need to search to see if it is available, then continue the process of creating a blog.

2- Make the hosting of your site

With the domain already defined it is necessary to host it on some server, it is as if you already had the house ready just waiting for a piece of land.

But you know what hosting is?

This is one of the tips on how to create a blog that you need to understand: hosting is the place on the internet where your blog and all files are "saved" on a system that makes it work properly.

What is server hosting?

You are exactly the companies that have the infrastructure needed to store the files and make your blog work.

At this moment it is good to be attentive, because the server is responsible for meeting technical demands that may (or may not) facilitate its work.

The most used systems:

  • Cpanel hosting 
  • Blogger;
  • Square Space;
  • Joomla and Drupal;
  • WordPress.
One of the tips of how to create a blog is to choose this service well.

WordPress is the most widely used and most widely used, because of its open-source system, which makes it easy to create with plugins and extensions.

Once chosen, the next step is to just install and choose the design of your website.

Remember that the template has to be responsive. And finally, put your blog on the air.

During day-to-day usability, you'll become familiar with the dashboard, which is the control panel of your site, with all the functions for editing and posting.

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