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Best Blogging platforms to create a site

No one doubts that a website is a showcase for business and people. However, not everyone has the money to create it, but with dedication and creativity you can do it and, best, for free. That's why we've selected five online tools with free plans   so you can build your site. All the options listed below do not require in-depth programming knowledge. If you are interested in premium plan then you can choose from these below options and get a great website. You can design your site by yourself or get an expert. I have also got it done by web design company singapore in my country.
Yes, it's not about creating websites, it's about blogging. However, with themes and customization it is possible to turn your blog into WordPress.com into a professional page. It is one of the best known and used site building platforms in the world. In its free and simplified version, you do not have to worry about hosting or servers. Everything is easily manageable by the very simple control panel. Most of peoples are using wordpress because of its great design. 
It's worth highlighting the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.orgThe first one is aimed at creating simpler pages, given that there are several limitations of structure and use of plug-ins. WordPress.org is intended for anyone who wants to change themes, insert plug-ins and modify the appearance of the page. However, this requires expertise in programming, hosting and design.

Despite offering layouts similar to those used in blogs (sidebar for images and plug-ins), Jimdo is very simple to use. Here, the differential is the help provided at the time of optimizing the site, the famous SEO. Starting at R $ 228 per year you can hire more resources and tools to boost your site. However, you can set it up for free, without initial investment.

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