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interior design ideas for living rooms

No matter if your living space is large or small, you need to know her drawing to add the right furniture and decorating items that will most value the space.

1. Featured Carpet
In this room, a three-seater sofa and another two are arranged on a wooden frame, which still supports decorative objects on the side. The printed rug is the highlight of the room.
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2. Light gray wood
The use of light and gray wood help to emphasize the red of the chairs, cushions and blanket.
3. Shades of blue
In this leaner room, blue tones and subtle touches of yellow add color to the room.
4. Two in One
The large and bright living room was divided into two main areas. One to relax on the couch and watch the television and another next to the fireplace, ideal for relaxing and reading a good book.
5. Smart tricks
Although this room is smaller, the glass table and the printed rug help give the feeling of breadth.

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