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Wedding Guest? Wedding Dressup Tips

During the ceremony and the wedding party, it is necessary to follow some basic rules, which are important not to commit any gaffe! We list the main rules for you to be attentive during the wedding party and not run the risk of making a mistake in any of them unintentionally; be sure to stay tuned for other tips and inspirations!

At the time of the ceremony it is extremely necessary that the guests remain silent so as not to disturb the moment, nor the filming. It is also recommended that guests do not stand up and walk from side to side of the church or hall.

Remember that this is an important time for the bride and groom, and that depending on what is done, could lead to a bigger problem.

During the ceremony, it is also interesting to avoid taking photos of the ceremony - some brides prefer to leave notices to avoid. This is because it can disrupt the work of photographers when registering the wedding. Enjoy the moment, and leave to take some fun photos during the party that will happen later.

Speaking of a party, do not let yourself show up at the wedding just to celebrate. It is important to arrive early to attend the wedding ceremony as well and respect the special moment of the bride and groom.

When it's time to pick up the bouquet, if you're single, do not get into a fight with the other guests. Remember that this is just a symbolic tradition, created to amuse the unmarried guests who are in search of a husband.

if you are thinking about getting ready for the party ceremony then you can choose some great designs to wear such as designer gowns for wedding, lehengas etc.

As for decoration and souvenirs, do not be anxious to take everything home! The beautiful table arrangement belongs to the bride, or to the wedding buffet, so do not want to take home just because you thought it was beautiful, and do not even consider the option of asking the bride too! And the wedding favors are there to please the party guests, so take nothing to the niece or anyone else who was not invited to the wedding.

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